Polyolefins such as PP and PE are often used in the medical industry for the manufacture of single-use products in order to benefit from the advantageous properties of the material.

Plastics such as PVC, PU, PC and others often need their adhesive properties to be optimized before further processing.

The challenge of polyolefins

The surface properties of polyolefins such as PP, PE with their inherently very low surface energies make subsequent adhesive processes such as gluing and printing a challenge.

UV adhesives and UV printing inks in particular place high demands on the quality of the surface pretreatment.

Classic pretreatment processes such as priming or flame treatment have their disadvantages for example complex implementation and handling, high running costs for consumption and storage, high health and environmental requirements and difficult process control.

Optimal pretreatment with plasma for medical technology products

Plasma pretreatment at atmospheric pressure is a simple, inexpensive and controllable type of pretreatment. The so-called activation enables optimal adhesive forces and wettability.

In the medical industry there is also the advantage of the strong disinfecting / sterilizing effect of plasma treatment on treated surfaces.

Advantages and benefits of plasma pretreatment on medical products

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