Tigres GmbH has been one of the leading manufacturers of atmospheric pressure plasma systems since 1993. Our system solutions, with which surfaces are activated, finely cleaned and coated, are integrated in a wide variety of industries around the world. Many materials that are used in the automotive, aerospace, electrical, medical, household appliance, printing, textile and packaging industries are modified with our systems before they are further processed.

As a member of the PAG – an association of companies from the surface technology industry – we are the only provider to offer our customers both atmospheric and low-pressure plasma and a wide range of corona and gas pretreatment solutions.



Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced employees, who have extensive knowledge in many business fields. Each employee has a high level of industry expertise in his or her special field, which the entire team can rely on if required.

Sales & Technical guidance

Timo Landahl Sales Director
Peter van Steenacker Key Account Manager
Marcus Cardiello Key Account Manager

Secretariat & Service centre

Carmelita Tack Inside Sales
Michael Braatz Sales assistant

Process engineering

Berrin Küzün Head of Process engineering
Gerrit Rüdiger Head of Sampling
Laura Schendik Physicist

Production & Procurement

Ivan Tuterev Production manager
Sven Walter Technical procurement


Martin Willimzik Management
Cornelia Willimzik Management

Technical support

Sven Bohlmann Service technician
Jesco Brandt Service technician


Max Willimzik Head of development
Anike Strampe Development Engineer
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