In cooperation with the IAR Group

Automation meets plasma technology

IAR Group AG and TIGRES GmbH now offer complete solutions for the surface treatment of materials worldwide as part of a cooperation. Each of these systems is individually adapted to the customer’s needs and production conditions.

"I am very pleased about the cooperation with Tigres GmbH. Thanks to their expertise in plasma technology, we are now able to offer automated complete solutions for the surface pretreatment of materials to a wide variety of industries worldwide"

Sébastien Perroud

Application examples

  • Surface treatment prior to bonding or printing

  • Ultrafine cleaning

  • Surface activation

  • For almost all materials: metal, plastic, glass and composites

  • Laboratory testing & prototyping

  • Pre & small series

  • Universities & Research Institutes

Agile surface pretreatment platform

ZAST Plasma Cell

Our agile platform "Zeugma Agile Surface Treatment" (ZAST) is a sophisticated solution for surface pretreatment and coating of parts with atmospheric pressure plasma, where the parts are in a tray. The ZAST platform is available in several versions, each with different functions. These include, for example, automation, quality inspection and labeling functions.

Technical data ZAST
Cell size
1000 x 1000 x 2200 mm
Plasma Characteristics
Wide range of solutions for effective cleaning, ultra-fine cleaning as well as for activation of surfaces made of metal, plastic, glass and composites
Electrical connection
400V, 50Hz, 25A
Compressed air supply
5 - 7 bar
Main features
Integrated electric cabinet, compressed air treatment unit, controllers and exhaust, intuitive HMI, ergonomic; easy access, compact and robust, closed cell with safety locks, easy to setup and program, network connection and manual drawer for easy exchange of parts to treat

Customized automatic plasma systems

Together with our partner IAR Group AG we build customized automatic plasma systems for surface pretreatment of materials. From laboratory tests to field trials and development to the realization of the complete plasma system, we cover all areas. Based on our many years of experience in a wide range of industries, we can provide you with competent advice on all relevant aspects (e.g. dimensioning, robot type, performance, speed, generator type, control, measurement, safety).

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In times of cost pressure and shortage of skilled workers, automated systems make a significant contribution to optimizing processes and reducing costs. Interested? Contact us or the IAR Group.

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