Needles, Tubes & Syringes


Plasma pretreatment in medical technology

Plasma pretreatment at atmospheric pressure is a simple, cost-effective and controllable type of pretreatment. The so-called activation enables optimum adhesive forces and wettability.

In the medical industry there is also the advantage of the strong disinfecting / sterilizing effect of plasma treatment on treated surfaces.

Securely print, bond and functionalize syringes and test tubes

Homogeneous treatment due to wide plasma treatment

Plasma treatment of syringes made of PP ensures adhesion and an optimal print image

Disposable syringes and test tubes as single-use products are usually made of non-polar polyproylene (PP) or COC. With plasma treatment from TIGRES, various high-performance systems for pretreatment are available for this purpose.

The suitable arrangement of the plasma nozzles enables homogeneous treatmentto be achieved across the entire width of the round bodies, thus ensuring optimum adhesion of the printing ink.

Bonding cannulas safely


Safe bonding due to precise pretreatment

Bonding of stainless steel cannulas and needle hubs made of PP.
The plasma jet allows precise internal pretreatment of the needle hub for secure bonding of the needle to the syringe.

Securely bond and print catheters and tubing

Safe bonding due to optimum power dose

Printing and bonding of PU and PVC catheters.
Adjustable plasma power also allows pretreatment of delicate surfaces for pinpoint and continuous treatment in catheter fabrication. This allows catheters to be securely bonded and printed.

Intravenous Needle.

Connecting needles and syringes safely


Safe plug-in connection due to precise plasma dose

Roughening of the syringe cone for better adhesion of the needle.
The precisely adjustable plasma power allows the roughness of the syringe cone to be significantly increased without damaging the cone. As a result, secure adhesion of an attached cannula can be achieved with significantly increased pull-off values.

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