Optimal printing and coating of cosmetic products


Optimal printing & coating of cosmetic products with plasma pretreatment

Cosmetic products are often difficult to label because they often have a surface of polyolefins or lacquers that make labeling difficult or impossible. Often, special white fields are then provided into which marking must be made in order to achieve sufficient adhesion.

Design freedom through plasma

In order to be able to print independently of white fields, plasma pretreatment is a good option. Plasma activation of the surface enables adhesion even without providing white areas on the products.

360° perfect lacquer coat all around

Cosmetic products are often lacquered for a good surface finish as well as a good feel. To ensure that the coating adheres well to the surface, the containers are treated 360° all around before the coating station. This ensures seamless adhesion along the entire length of the product.

Optimal pretreatment with plasma for cosmetic products

Plasma pretreatment represents a simple, cost-effective and, above all, controllable type of pretreatment.

The plasma activates the surface, increasing its wettability so that paints, varnishes and inks wet well on the intended adhesive surface. Furthermore, the pretreatment creates an active surface that enables significantly higher adhesive forces.

Advantages and benefits of plasma pretreatment for cosmetic products

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