Remote Service Unit (RSU)

Development of a service module that is industry-new for the acquisition and optimization of real-time process data of plasma systems with regard to Industry 4.0 requirements.

The goal of this project is the development of an independent add-on product for TIGRES plasma system solutions. This device ( RSU) will allow the acquisition, evaluation and provision of process information, as well as the possibility of remote maintenance and configuration. he RSU is supposed to be able to log complex sensor data of a new product family of TIGRES, which has been positioned on the market since the end of last year, and to transfer it in real time to an evaluation platform, respectively to the customer. This possibility then goes beyond the control station solutions already existing on the market, since not only data records are stored and evaluated locally here, but this should be independent of location.

This project is supported with funds from the European Regional Development Fund,
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