Innovation in the generator technology


Plasma pretreatment modules represent a key technology in automated production plants. Maximum system availability is essential for an efficient production process.

The TIGRES M-Series generators currently offer the most technologically advanced performance range in the field of plasma generators with regard to process reliability as well as process monitoring!

In TIGRES M-Series multi-channel systems, power is controlled on a channel-specific basis, ensuring that the system can dynamically compensate for fluctuations (e.g. mains voltage, process gas flow, electrode burn-up).

The power of the individual plasma nozzles can be selected individually, even during operation.

This distinguishes the M-Generator from the usual multi-channel systems, where the power to be set off is configured by manually setting manipulated variables.

With multi-channel systems of the TIGRES M series is:

  • One energy source and separate control per plasma nozzle, with asynchronous phasing of the individual discharges.
  • Inclusion of the SQI from the power control as a measure of the stability of the control loop for complete process monitoring
  • Data log with analysis functionality available for the most effective touch shooting

Learn more about SQI here

Modular concept

Networkability and central control of up to 16 generators with 4 channels each

Flexible connection

I/O interface and various bus systems available

adjustable power


In multi-channel systems of the TIGRES M series, the power is controlled on a channel-specific basis