Corona laboratory device


Corona pretreatment, which is physically a dielectrically hindered discharge (DBE, in English DBD), has been used for decades, especially for the pretreatment of films, and is one of the most widely used types of plasma pretreatment in the industry.

The device was developed especially for use primarily in laboratories, universities and colleges, research and health facilities, and for use in pilot plants for industrial process development.

  • Reproducibility of pretreatment parameters for research or series production
  • Flexible adjustment of corona power and feed rate during unloading (via control panel on front)
  • Easy adjustment of the working area to be treated (mechanical)
WorkspaceA3, 300 x 420mm
Area to be treatedMechanically adjustable
Corona performanceMax. 600 W,
adjustable up to 20-100%
Number of electrodes2
Feed rateUp to 0,5 m/sek (30 m/min),
adjustable 0-100%
Treatment levelmax. 3 mm, adjustable
Treatable materialsPlastics, fabrics, textiles, metal, glass

Suction integrated, ozone filter optionally available

Simple operation

quite intuitive

The feed rate and the corona power are set directly via the digital setting range. The treatment is triggered by an external control module, so that the place of operation is flexible.

Simple integration

Plug and Plasma

The device is simply connected to a suitable compressed air supply and 230 V and is immediately ready for operation.

Adjustable output

correct dose of plasma

The continuously adjustable coronal power allows precise work for accurate results. The corona dose can thus be adjusted for a wide variety of applications and materials.

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