Compact and lightweight plasma laboratory instrument


The instrument is aimed primarily at accomplished laboratories, facilities for research, as well as for use in the pilot plant for industrial process development.

Our engineers have developed the most compact and space-saving device possible for laboratory work. The lightweight generator weighs approx. 6 kg. The A1 LAB is suitable as a compact tabletop unit, but can also be mounted vertically.

  • Compact design as tabletop unit, ready for immediate use
  • Stepless power setting mirrors the power categories of commercially available plasma devices
  • Special S3 plasma nozzle is also suitable for discharging in non-flammable fluid media, e.g.: Water

The new T-Spot S3 plasma nozzle has significantly smaller external dimensions with the same output and is also considerably lighter than its S2 predecessor.

This allows more complex structures and narrow recesses to be treated. Due to the low nozzle weight, favorable handling systems can be used.

Simple operation

quite intuitive

Via the integrated touch-screen display, the desired power can be set and the plasma discharge can be started and stopped manually.

Simple integration

Plug and Plasma

The device is simply connected to a suitable compressed air supply and 230 V and is immediately ready for operation.

adjustable power

correct dose of plasma

The continuously adjustable plasma power enables precise work for accurate results. The plasma dose can thus be adjusted for a wide variety of applications and materials.

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