MEF technology

Adjustable potential-free atmospheric plasma facilitates scalable, homogeneous surface activation before bonding, printing, painting and coating of plastics, metals, paper, glass, cardboard, compounds and textiles.

3 - 0
nozzles per tool
0 W
Output (per nozzle)


With MEF technology, the plasma is generated by an electric barrier discharge and the beam is directed onto the surface with the aid of compressed air.

Whether a single nozzle for high-precision pretreatment, multiple nozzles for wider applications or plasma modules for extensive substrates - any application that our customer might have is possible with this technology.

Various process gases can be used to create special functional groups on the polymer surface.

Technical data

200 W per nozzle
Number of tools
max. 2 per generator
Process gas
Air (others on request)
internal & external
EDC technology
NDC2 technology
Can be integrated


The technology can be adapted to any material width. This is done by lining up together as many 140 mm wide plasma modules as needed to achieve the desired width.

Process integration

The supply lines to the MEF modules can run parallel or perpendicular to the nozzle.

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