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T-SPOT technology

The plasma T-SPOT series, with powerful plasma and a compact, lightweight plasma head design.

1 - 0
possible nozzles per generator
250 - 0 W
Output (per nozzle), adjustable


The discharge is sparked between the centered electrode and the nozzle serving as the counter electrode with the classically designed T-SPOT.

Due to the combination of the nozzle geometry and the electrical current forming in the nozzle, plasma is discharged in two places: The primary plasma with current filaments, which protrude until the nozzle opens, and the secondary plasma without current filaments (visible on the photos above).

The Plasma T-SPOT is a long-lasting standard solution that requires only minimal service.

Technical data

250 - 500 W, adjustable
1-4 nozzles per generator,
Networking of several generators possible
Process gas
Air (others on request)
Potential free
Plasma treatment width
up to more than 20 mm per nozzle, unlimited cascadable as multi-nozzle system for wide applications
Mechanical wear parts


Independent operation of up to four heads (4 channels)

Process integration

The proven classic: The advantages of the Plasma T-SPOT series are powerful plasma, the compact and lightweight plasma head design, and durability. It is ideal for treating grooves, fine cleaning/decreasing of metal parts and activation of plastics at high speeds.