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T-SPOT technology

The plasma T-SPOT series, with powerful plasma and a compact, lightweight plasma head design.

1 - 0
Possible nozzles per generator
250 - 0 W
Output (per nozzle), adjustable


The discharge is sparked between the centered electrode and the nozzle serving as the counter electrode with the classically designed T-SPOT.

Due to the combination of the nozzle geometry and the electrical current forming in the nozzle, plasma is discharged in two places: The primary plasma with current filaments, which protrude until the nozzle opens, and the secondary plasma without current filaments (visible on the photos above).

The Plasma T-SPOT is a long-lasting standard solution that requires only minimal service.


Up to 4 heads per generator (networking of several generators possible). Plasma heads individually controllable, power adjustment also during discharge

Process integration

The proven classic: The advantages of the Plasma T-SPOT series are powerful plasma, the compact and lightweight plasma head design, and durability. It is ideal for treating grooves, fine cleaning/decreasing of metal parts and activation of plastics at high speeds.

Technical data

250 - 500 W, adjustable
1-4 nozzles per generator,
Networking of several generators possible
Process gas
Air (others on request)
Plasma treatment width
Up to over 20 mm per nozzle, unlimited cascadable as multi-nozzle system for wide applications
Mechanical wear parts

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